High Volume Low Speed Fan

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  1. Industrial High Volume Low Speed Fan

      1. HVLS Fan are generally Gaint fans. HVLS fan move slowly and distribute large amounts of air at low rotational speed hence the name "high volume, low speed." We supply the best efficient and quality product, varient from 8feet to 24feet in diameter. Fans installed in spaces like warehouses, barns, hangars and distribution centers can prevent heat stress, increase worker comfort and the productivity of both workers and livestock. Typical commercial applications include shopping malls, churches, office buildings, fitness centers and schools. It cost less than 1.5 KW hour and it will improve the air flow and create more cooler and comfortable working environment for upto 25,000 sq.ft. Technical Specification Fan Size 3.7m/12 Ft 4.9m/16 ft 6.1 m/20ft 7.3 m/24 ft CFM 131200 1,78,530, 323449 389746 POWER 0.75kw(1hp) 1.1 kw(1.5hp) 1.5kw (2hp) 1.5 kw (2 hp) AMPs 2.5 amps 3.4 amps 6.2 amps 6.2 amps RPM 103 70 60 53 WEIGHT 115 kgs 128 kgs 148 kgs 158 kgs Fan Size 3.7m/12 Ft 4.9m/16 ft 6.1 m/20ft 7.3 m/24 ft Installed Height 7m 8m 12m 18m 40ft 7.5m 9m 12m 19m 35ft 8m 10m 14m 21m 30ft 9m 11m 16m 23m 25ft 1m 128 kgs 18m 25m Area Covered at 18 ft 4,500 sq ft 6,500sq.ft 15,000 sq,ft 25,000sq.ft Odd sizes between 8 feet & 24 feet are also available Anodizing in different colors of your choice can be offered Very sturdy designs with utmost safety features Excellent product quality supported by prompt service High quality material clubbed with highest international standard motors & controllers Wide blade design offer highest air draft Also available with Pole Mounted design Motors are IE-2 with synthetic oil
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